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solid OTR tyres
apex solid tyres
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Apexway Products Corp. has been one of leading tire manufacturers and exporters in Taiwan since 1975. 

With various and capable tire and wheel production lines, Apexway provides outstanding products and efficient services to fullfill customer orders and needs.

OTR-EM is the distributor of Apex solid OTR tires and major sizes are always available at our stock in Belgium, Europe. If your working conditions and applications are  very tough and you are tired of tire punctures and machines standing still you should try solid OTR tires. 

We guarantee you will be satisfied by the quality of solid OTR tires as they are extremely strong and can resist a lot of factors which can cause the tire damage and puncture. The solid OTR tires are ideal for scrap yards, slag steel mills, dumping sites, construction sites, etc.

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