BKT Agricultural Tyres

BKT landbouwbanden
BKT landbouwbanden

BKT Agricultural Tyres

BKT is currently one of the largest manufacturers of tyres for professional use. They offer their customers more than 1800 different types and sizes of tyres for agricultural, garden and park machinery. They therefore produce your BKT agricultural tyres. BKT agricultural tyres are subject to predetermined standards and requirements and are specially designed to operate in fields.

Since its inception in 2000, OTR-EM has expanded to become the leading specialist in agricultural tyres and BKT agricultural tyres far beyond Europe:

✔ A large selection of BKT agricultural tyres
✔ Agricultural tyres available for delivery from stock
✔ Fast delivery
✔ Demounting, mounting and repair of tyres and rims, vulcanisation
✔ Complete tyre management

Philosophy of BKT tyres

BKT has chosen to operate in a way that is respectful of nature and they also use green energy. Thanks to their environmentally conscious way of working, they are currently enjoying a better reputation than they ever imagined. Each year, 5% of turnover is invested in research and development: high quality and reliability are certainly a guarantee.

This is also necessary these days to still be able to meet the high demands of customers: tyres that last and are perfect for all operating conditions. BKT agricultural tyres are specially designed to operate in fields. In fact, the tyres are developed in such a way that they cause no, or as little as possible, damage to fields. For many users, this is a big plus.

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