Caterpillar machines

The total supply of machines with pneumatic tyres, solid rubber tyres and continuous tracks that Caterpillar provides amounts to over 300. In addition to the specific properties of the machines, maximum return is achieved through good tyre management, i.e. the most suitable tyres for the right machine and activities.

caterpillar wheelloader tyre mounting by OTR-EM

Tyres for Caterpillar machines

For almost 20 years, OTR-EM has been a household name internationally in the area of OTR tyres. We use the knowledge we have built up over the past decades to supply the most suitable tyres for your machine.

For Caterpillar machines with tyres for road and water works and mining, tyres are available for delivery from stock in order to be able to respond immediately to the current demand. OTR-EM supplies tyres for the following machines:

  • Wheel loader
  • Off Highway Dump Truck
  • Wheel dozer
  • Articulated Dump Truck
  • Excavator on wheels
  • Backhoe Loader
  • Wheel tractor

When choosing tires, it is important to carefully consider the type of machine, weight, terrain and operating conditions.

OTR-EM offers the following guarantees:

  • ✔ 10,000 tyres available for delivery from stock
  • ✔ Internationally known specialist in tyres for almost 20 years
  • ✔ Complete OTR tyre management: Complete Advice and Complete Service
  • ✔ In-house restoration of earth-moving tyres and tyre vulcanising
  • ✔ Two-hour service possible at your location
  • ✔ Close to logistics hubs Brussels/Cologne/Paris E313-E314
  • ✔ Warranty
  • ✔ Close to the ports of Antwerp/Rotterdam
  • ✔ Worldwide delivery
  • ✔ Good value for money

Personal advice

The expert international team of OTR-EM provides you with advice on the most suitable tyre for your Caterpillar equipment. Whether you are looking for tyres for the latest machinery or tyres for older models, this experienced team is always at your service.

We speak the following languages:

  • ✔ Dutch
  • ✔ English
  • ✔ French
  • ✔ German
  • ✔ Russian

Contact one of our experts right away:
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caterpillar dump truck tire mounting

Mounting of tires on an (articulated) mount truck

CAT Company History

CAT was founded by David Holt early last century. The first documented use of a Caterpillar machine was in 1905, during the construction of the tramlines in San Francisco. This was followed by several large projects, such as the construction of Hoover Dam in the 1930s. Today, there are 43 factories in the United States and 58 factories in the rest of the world. With an annual turnover of 55 billion dollars in 2015, it is one of the largest companies in the industry.