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The ideal value for money offered by Hankook makes these car tyres very attractive. At present, the car tyre market offers an extensive choice of all kinds of brands and tyre manufacturers. The Hankook company has secured an important position in this market. Hankook car tyres are among the most reliable, comfortable and affordable tyres.

 Hankook car tyres are manufactured in 9 countries worldwide, which proves that these tyres are made to high international standards. This is not at all surprising: Hankook has over 20 scientific research centres with a large number of patents. It also has no fewer than 15 subsidiaries and the company creates jobs for more than 14,000 employees. Hankook car tyres are pre-mounted during the manufacture of, among others, Ford, Mini, Audi, BMW and Lincoln.

Regular replacement of car tyres

Why is it important to regularly replace car tyres?

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Timely replacement of car tyres is very important for those who are fond of their cars and seek greater comfort while driving. If car tyres are replaced in time, it also helps prevent deterioration of car parts.

There are different types of car tyres:

✔ All-season tyres

✔ Summer tyres

✔ Winter tyres. 

It is recommended to change tyres each season. Hankook car tyres have both summer and winter tyres and, in addition, all-season tyres in their range. They also have "rain tyres", which run perfectly on wet roads. The rain tyre is mounted as original equipment on various cars.

Hankook summer car tyres exist in more than 30 types of tyre from which to choose. They are also mounted as original equipment tyres on various cars. Hankook all-season and summer car tyres have already established a good reputation and Hankook tyres already have many fans.

No less important are Hankook winter tyres, which will surprise you with their high quality. There is a large selection of winter tyres and there are tyres to suit everyone's preferences. This depends on the weather conditions in which the car will be driven.

There is also a wide choice of Hankook tyres for commercial vehicles which can satisfy even the choosiest of customers. Here, you can always find Hankook tyres, both for small commercial vehicles and for large buses. US transport companies have long been fans of Hankook tyres: after all, they are hard-wearing and can continue to be driven under different weather conditions, both in temperatures of -40 and +30. The hard-wearing properties of Hankook tyres can help save money on tyres. This is because these tyres have a longer service life.

History of Hankook

The history of the Hankook company begins in 1941 in Seoul, South Korea. In the early days of the company's establishment, Hankook manufactured car tyres and truck tyres. Today, alloy rims, pads and batteries are also manufactured. In the early 2000s, Hankook expanded its own capabilities and the company opened branches in the United States, Germany and Russia, etc. Since 2011, Hankook has supplied tyres for the "Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters".  

Buying Hankook car tyres?

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 OTR-EM in Dilsen-Stokkem is an official dealer of Hankook tyres in the Belgian region of Limburg. We can always give you quick advice and also offer good service:

✔ A large selection for all driving conditions
✔ Hankook tyres available for delivery directly from stock
✔ Fast delivery and mounting: while you wait
✔ Complete tyre management

Millions of car enthusiasts have already chosen Hankook car tyres: now it is your turn to make the right choice.

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