Hilo OTR tires

hilo otr tires
Hilo considers themselves as one of the biggest tire companies in China.

These Chinese tires are not meant only for cars or trucks. They are also made and designed especially for the heavy machinery, i.e. dump trucks, loaders and dozers, mobile cranes, scrapers, in one word, they produce OTR tires suitable for all kinds of earthmover machinery.  

Hilo OTR tires have strong casings and their main features are deep pattern, sidewall protector and high quality rubber compound.

Hilo has a wide range of products, including a variable line of OTR tires. 

Belgian company OTR-EM also has a wide range of products. No matter what kind of earthmover machine you have we can always offer you the best suitable tire for your application. We have very extensive stocks of OTR tires and can always assist you with choosing the right one you need.

OTR-EM is an all-round tire companyfocusing on a large audience, no matter what kind of tire you need, car-, truck-, agricultural-, industrial-, earthmover tires, we have it! Our company has already been existing for 15 years and we have a lot of experience in the field of tires.

Our main advantage is that we have the large stock and a great choice of many brands! We can ship and deliver OTR tires worldwide.

OTR tires Hilo, like many other brands, are also available at OTR-EM.

For more information and price you can always contact us: sales@otr-em.com tel.: 0032(0)-