Industrial tyres

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  1. BARUM
    4.00-8 ROBUST
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  2. BARUM
    4.00-8 ROBUST CLEAN
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  3. BARUM
    4.00-8 ROBUST SIT
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  4. BARUM
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  5. BARUM
    125/75-8 (15x4 1/2-8) ROBUST
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  6. BARUM
    125/75-8 (15x4 1/2-8) ROBUST CLEAN
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  7. BARUM
    125/75-8 (15x4 1/2-8) ROBUST SIT
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  8. BARUM
    125/75-8 (15x4 1/2-8) ROBUST CLEAN SIT
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  9. BARUM
    5.00-8 ROBUST
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  10. BARUM
    5.00-8 ROBUST CLEAN
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Industrial tyres for every possible industrial machine and internal transport vehicle, such as forklift trucks, reach stackers, side loaders, etc.  The OTR-EM plant in Lanklaar (Dilsen-Stokkem), Belgium, is the major specialist in industrial tyres with almost 20 years' experience. This allows our expert employees to give you the best advice as to which type of industrial tyre may be best for your operating conditions:

We have every possible brand, type and model for your machinery or vehicle: ✔ Solid rubber industrial tyres
✔ Pneumatic tyres
✔ Non-marking tyres

To guarantee fast service, we have a large stock of both tyres and rims.

If, for example, you need more traction and weight, we also offer the possibility of filling the tyres with water and calcium chloride.

Personalised Advice and Service

Besides individual sales of new and second-hand industrial tyres, you can also rely on us for personalised advice, mounting if desired, demounting, restoration, renewal and replacement of tyres and rims.
✔ 20 years' experience
✔ 10.000 new & used tyres in stock
✔ Maximum returns through the right advice
✔ Wide range of additional services
✔ (All types) available for delivery from stock
✔ Two-hour service at your location
✔ Worldwide shipping: in close proximity to logistics hubs

Industrial tires from all the major brands

Tyres for industrial applications are available in all major brands: Michelin, Goodyear, Yokohama , Bridgestone, Barum

Industrial tyres are available for all kinds of professional equipment:

Straddle Carriers,
Container handlers,
Wheel cranes
All-terrain cranes,
Tyre rollers,
Towing tractors,
Transfer cranes
Log handlers,
Reach stackers,
.... etc

OTR-EM has nearly 20 years of experience. Our multi language expert team can assist you in the following languages:

Contact our experts in Industrial tyres

✔ Englisch
✔ German
✔ Russian
✔ French
✔ Dutch

Contact us for personal assistance: