Michelin X-Traction

Michelin X-Traction

Michelin X-Traction

Real traction for your productivity.

  • Reduced haulage costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Excellent mobility
  • MICHELIN X TRACTION in action 

Tread life increased by 10-15% thanks to:

  • Deeper tread depth of 7-9 mm
  • Larger volume of usable rubber
  • Increased resistance to damage.

Up to 5% less fuel consumption thanks to:

  • Reduction of the tyre weight by up to 4%
  • Reduction in tread rolling resistance of up to 23%.

Higher resistance to crown damage

  • Deeper tread
  • Better anchoring robust tread blocks
  • 10% thicker undertread rubber.

A speed capacity without compromise due to

  • Creation of cooling systems on the shoulders
  • New casing design C2 technology allowing reduced heat build up of the tyre

An unrivalled level of traction

  • Aggressive tread pattern, very indented and very deep
  • Massive and well separated tread blocks
  • Excellent self-cleaning capability.

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