Michelin XAD65

Michelin XAD65Michelin XAD65

High degree of flotation Lower contact pressure derived from a greater surface area in contact with the ground Increase in traction* Tread pattern composed of blocks with multiple faces and with a high void to tread block ratio Larger surface area in contact with the ground Excellent degree of mobility Lower ground contact pressure A tread pattern specifically designed to envelop surface irregularities and obstacles 20 % gain in life (*) Reduced ground contact pressure which creates an optimised force distribution Reduced tyre consumption Lower inflation pressure required for a given load which increases shock absorption and reduces accidental tread damage. (*) compared to MICHELIN XADN Better stability Lower sidewall height (wide base tyre) Optimised radial rigidity Lateral rigidity increased by 10% (*) Improved machine comfort More rounded profile Reduced ground contact pressure (*) compared to MICHELIN XADN

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