Opening of a new tire center “OTR-EM” in Lanklaar (Dilsen-Stokkem), Limburg, Belgium

new tire center “OTR-EM”
new tire center “OTR-EM”
new tire center “OTR-EM”
new tire center “OTR-EM”

OTR-EM has been providing the best service to its clients for 15 years and it’s the biggest tire specialist not only in its region but also known worldwide (in the field of OTR tires). 

Through all these years we have been gaining a lot of experience, and our customer database has enormously increased.

To be able to provide the best service to such a large number of customers, we have decided to extend and we are building now the new and modern tire center with extended capacities.

The new tire center will be located in Meerkensstraat 41, Lanklaar (Dilsen-Stokkem), Limburg, Belgium and we can assist our clients with all kinds of tires for any type of vehicle: car, truck, agricultural vehicles (tractor, etc.), industrial vehicles (forklifts, etc.) and earthmover machines as we have the extended stocks of OTR tires in many brands and can help our clients immediately. And, due to our capacities and big space we are able to mount OTR tires directly in our tire center.

It makes no difference what vehicle you bring to us, our staff will be ready to help you!

OTR-EM can also offer the service ‘storage of tires’. We have a big warehouse where we can keep your winter- or summer tires after the exchange.

The opening of our new tire center is expected in the middle of 2015.

Like always, OTR-EM will keep large stock of tires. Hereby we can help almost everybody who comes to us, announced or not, with an appointment or without.

We sell all types and brands of tires, starting from Yokohama, Bridgestone and Michelin tires to Vredestein, Hankook and many many more.

As you may know besides car- and truck tires we are specialized in earthmover tires, industrial tires an agricultural tires. OTR-EM is the official distributor of Yokohama OTR tires and industrial tires.

OTR-EM possesses 2 trucks with cranes and 2 service vans, so we can quickly arrange the mounting of a new OTR tire in any urgent cases.

Thanks to many years of experience we are able to say exactly how long the durability of your tire would be and that knowledge can help you to save on your tire costs.

To let you save extra on your tire costs, we have invested in an autoclave. We are able to repair and vulcanize the tires with the diameter up to 3 meters. OTR-EM is the only company in the area with its own autoclave. This is a special service we can offer to our customers.

However, you can also pass by with your vehicle and our high-skilled mechanics will be glad to help you!

While waiting for your tires to be exchanged, we have developed the new modern reception area and comfortable waiting room so that you can enjoy staying with us! As you’re already used to, there will be coffee and tea, magazines for men and women and free WIFI available for you.

We’ll be glad to see you in our new tire center and provide you the best service, so when you next time think about tires you think about us.

The OTR-EM team !!

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