OTR tires for sale worldwide

OTR tires for sale worldwide
OTR tires for sale worldwide
OTR tires for sale worldwide

Buying OTR tires outside of the USA and shipping to the USA ? Yes, it’s possible!

“OTR-EM” company is a professional team of OTR tires specialists. We are located in Belgium, Europe and we have OTR tires for sale worldwide. No matter what size you need, OTR tires starting from 25 inch and up are always located in our warehouse. We provide a good service and sell only high quality OTR tires in major brands.  

Advantages of buying OTR tires in Europe?

US dollar / Euro currency exchange rate is at the moment very attractive for countries dealing in dollar. So, it means that OTR tires in Europe (Belgium) can be much cheaper than in USA now. Especially when it comes to the L5 and E4 tires in bigger sizes, the chance is big that you can save hundreds of dollars on purchasing of OTR tires.

OTR tire for sale in Europe?

“OTR-EM” is a Belgian tire company specialised in OTR and industrial tires. We have the biggest stock of OTR tires in Belgium and only in premium brands Michelin, Bridgestone, GoodYear and Yokohama. Whatever the size is you are looking for, we most probably have it: starting from 20.5R25 and up to 35/65R33; 24.00R35; 45/65R45; 27.00R49 etc.

How can I ship OTR tires to the USA?

“OTR-EM” is located 100 km from both Antwerp port, Belgium and Rotterdam port, the Netherlands. We work together only with the best shipping companies in our area that always provide quick and correct service. So, if you wish to, we can quote you the delivery price from our stock located in Lanklaar (Dilsen-Stokkem), Belgium to absolutely any port in the USA.

Our multi language expert team can assist you in the following languages:

✔ Englisch
✔ German
✔ Russian
✔ French
✔ Dutch

via Telephone: +32 89 43 02 18 or email: sales@otr-em.com

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