Pressing and mounting of solid OTR and industrial tyres

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persen en montage van industriebanden

OTR-EM uniqe services in the field of Solid Industrial/ OTR tires

  • ✔ Company owned 250 ton (mobile) industrial press
  • ✔ Pre-press service and mounting of OTR Tyres "On Site"
  • ✔ Unique Rim Exchange Service minimises your Downtime
  • ✔ 20 years of Experience

In the last few years the use of solid OTR and industrial tyres has gained confidence and its usage has drastically increased.  Especially between the end-users which machines are running in the very tough working conditions and where the working place is full with very sharp objects, such as, for example, glass, steel, metal, recycling materials, wood, garbage, ore slags, etc.

Pre-press service and mounting of OTR Tyres "On Site"

OTR-EM is specialised and has a lot of experience in solid OTR and industrial tyres. Beside sales, technical advise and following-up of the solid tyres we also provide the pre-press service and mounting on site of OTR and industrial tyres. We press the solid tyres on rim at our workplace as here we need our 250 ton industrial press for. Thanks to this industrial press in our possession we are able to pre-press quickly and efficiently the solid tyres with rim diameter up to 35 inch and make it ready for delivery and mounting on the machine on client’s (tyre trader's) or end-user’s site.  All the neccessary works are being done by our trained and experienced mechanics and the quality of our work is guaranteed!

Unique Rim Exchange Service minimises your Downtime

OTR-EM has a special Rim Exchange Service. We have the extensive stocks of OTR and industrial solid tyres and rims and if the client wishes he can make a use of it. The biggest advantage of our Rim Exchange Service is that it helps to minimise your downtime. It means that we bring already pre-pressed new solid tyres and exchange rims direcly on your site. The exchange rims can be shipped to any Eropeanean country as well. OTR-EM imports and has extensive stocks of Solid tyres

To be able to provide the exact per hour cost price of solid OTR and industrial tyres to the end-users we offer an extra, free of charge service: following-up of the solid tyres. Which means that we are going to measure and control sold by us solid tyres periodically . With the help of our specially developed computer programm we can calculate the cost price per hour and effeciency of your solid tyre.

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More information about   OTR and industrial solid tyres with pictures and technical specifications. OTR-EM has nearly 20 years of experience. Our multi language expert team can assist you in the following languages:

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