Repair and Vulcanising

tyre repair
OTR tires repair
Reifen Reparatur
EM Reifen Vulcanisation
OTR tyres repair / vulcanisation
pneus reparation
In order to help you to save money on damaged and punctured OTR tyres ,we make the repairs using the hot vulcanisation method, so you won’t need to buy a new tyre anymore.    

Thanks to our hot vulcanising tyre repair service we are able to help you to spare money on tyre budget and as a result the cost price of your vehicle can be considerably decreased.  Our professional team possesses all the tools to repair your tyres in the best possible way: knowledge, experience, rapidity and quality of our work are associated with the satisfaction of our regular customers.

Hot vulcanising tyre repairs are carried out in the following steps:

Step 1: A tyre can be brought to our service station or we can pick it up by ourselves. Our service truck is always stand-by and ready to help you as quickly as possible

Step 2: Inspection and measurement of punctures

Step 3: Price quotation

Step 4: Open grinding of the damaged places

Step 5: Removing of bursts and rusted steel wires

Step 6: A patch is being put on the place which needs to be repaired in order to give strength, firmness and carrying capacities back to the tyre. As we use the dozens of patched to repair the various types of damages,  the precise measurements are necessary so that a right patch can be mounted in the tyre.

Step 7: Vulcanising of the tyre in hot air autoclave which we have in our own property and where the tyres up to 49 inch can fit. After 6-8 hours of hot vulcanising at the pressure of 3 bar and  temperature 120º C your tyre is fully repaired so that it's properties are as good as new.

Advantages of tyre hot vulcanising repair by means of hot air:

The warmth in this autoclave is created by means of hot air and thereby the vulcanising rubber of the repaired puncture can be better attached to the casing/tyre.

By using hot air and NOT the steam the moisture development simply cannot happen in the autoclave which also means that there’s no humidity / moisture can get into repaired place or casing. By means of this dry hot air you get the highest quality and the most reliable vulcanising tyre repair.

As we vulcanise the tyres in our own autoclave the waiting time is no longer than few business days.

Our repairs are guaranteed resistant to the following influences:

Our repairs are reistant to the following influences and working conditions

  • • Heavy load
  • • Wear
  • • Aging

Benefits & Why choose hot vulcanising tyre repairs

  • • Hot vulcanising tyre repairs of earthmover and industrial tyres is the job to be done by a specialist
  • • The know-how and professionalism are essential
  • • Following up the rules is indispensable
  • • It’s very important to analyse the costs and benefits of repairs

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