Solid Earthmover Tyres

solid tyres for loader
solid earthmover tyres
solid earthmover tyres
solid earthmover tyres

Solid earthmover tyres for loaders and industrial vehicles

Solid earthmover tyres for loaders and industrial vehicles have the longest wearing life among all existed tyres nowadays. The advantages of the solid tyres are evident:
  • - Wear-resistant,
  • - Longer wearing life,
  • - Extremely strong
  • - Resist to any kind of possible damage.

Minimize downtime and save on your budget

Thanks to solid tyres the vehicle’s downtime can be brought to its minimum. What is very important in this difficult economical time. All these advantages of solid tyres can help you to save more money on a company’s budget. Because, in the end, the cost price of solid tyres per hour is much lower than of the pneumatic one.

Construction of solid tires

Solid earthmover tyres for loaders and industrial vehicles are constructed in 3 layers: pattern, cushion comfort/middle zone and the core.

Pattern of solid earthmover tyres

Pattern of solid earthmover tyres helps to resist to any possible damages and punctures, especially on the rough surfaces. The secret is simple: solid tyres contain a very high percentage of the natural rubber .

Special construction of the core of the tyre helps to keep the warmth away of the rim.

The advantages of solid tyres for loaders and earthmoving machines

Are solid tyres really stronger than pneumatic tyres? Here are some advantages of solid tyres:

-          Pattern is much stronger and can easily resist to any kinds of obstacles on its way that can cause a damage.

-          Cushion layer/ comfort zone of solid tyres contains a very high concentration of the natural rubber.

-          The shoulders of solid tyres have extra protection layer and that helps to resist the damages.

-          Steel rings in the core prevent the tyre from slipping on a rim.

-          High stability of the machine is guaranteed as the pressure difference in the tyres simply cannot occur.

-          There is no way a puncture in the tyre can occur, so it means that machine wouldn’t have any downtime.

-          Solid tyres don’t need any maintenance until they are totally worn out.

-          Solid tyres won’t need any unexpected extra costs for tyre repair.

Solid tyres for loaders and earthmoving machines have different patterns: slick, traction and mining (half traction and half slick).

Use of solid earthmover tyres

Where can solid earthmover tyres be used? What are the perfect working conditions for these extremely strong tyres?

Mostly solid tyres are being used on the industrial road surfaces: concrete, asphalt, smooth floors etc. Solid tyres also excellently perform in the working conditions where the chance for a tyre puncture is extremely high. As they are completely made of rubber, solid tyres can manage everything on its way: glass, metal, metal waste, wood, rubbish, steal,  scoria, etc.

Solid tyres’ application is ideal for recycling industry. They are also perfect for forklifts operating in different working conditions, especially logistics.

Belgian tyre company OTR-EM has all kinds of solid tyres for sale: for earthmoving and industrial applications (black and non-marking solid tyres*). We
make the reports and follow up every sold solid tyre and these reports are always available for our clients for free. Hereby we can get to know together with the client the final cost of the tyre per hour in order to make the plan on saving the money of the tyre's budget.

*The advantage of the non-marking solid tyres is that they don’t leave behind any traces (black stripes) on the floor. Thanks to a special rubber compound, non-marking solid tyres can be applied in the food and pharmaceutical industries and they are also perfect for driving on the light factory floors.

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