Store OTR tyres carefully

Store OTR tyres carefully

Storage must take place:

  • In clean, airy, dry, temperate and well-ventilated premises, sheltered from direct sunlight and bad weather;
  • Remote from any chemical substance, solvent or hydrocarbon likely to alter the nature of the rubber.
  • Well away from any object which might penetrate the rubber (metal spike, wood, …);
  • Distant from any source of heat, naked flames, incandescent bodies, equipment likely to emit sparks or electric discharges and any source of ozone (transformers, electric motors, welding sets, etc.).

Incorrect tyre handling may cause irreparable damage, and may also have serious or even fatal consequences for the operator. With the aim of eliminating the risks of damage to the beads and the possible consequences, our advice is:

  • do not lift an OTR tyre directly with the hook of a crane;
  • use flat straps (not metal slings or chains);
  • pick the tyre up under the tread, not the beads when using a fork lift truck;
  • comply with the safety instructions in force at the site.

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