Truck tyres repair

Vulcanisatie / Reperatie van de band

Restoration and vulcanisation of truck tyres

Do you have a flat truck tyre that you want to restore? To help reduce your tyre costs, we restore and hot vulcanise your damaged and flat tyres in our own autoclave, so that you do not need to buy a new tyre.

Using the technique of vulcanisation, we restore holes and major cuts in rubber tyres. First, we grind out the hole or cut completely and then we apply new rubber and steel belts. In our own autoclave - a pressure vessel with hot air at 120 degrees - we melt/vulcanise the new rubber with the existing rubber of the tyre. This technique results in a fully restored tyre with the same quality as a new tyre.

Thanks to our restoration and hot vulcanisation service, you will save money on your used tyres and, consequently, the cost price of your vehicle will be significantly reduced. Our professional team has everything it takes to restore your truck tyres in the best possible way: knowledge, experience, speed and quality of our work, combined with the satisfaction of our customers.

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