Tyres for loaders

loader tyres
loader tyres

Loaders are mostly being used in earthmoving works, such as digging, loading and transporting of the goods and raw materials. They are also being used for moving and transporting of the blocs and bulk materials while construction, recycling, garbage, forestry and agricultural works.

All these works are highly important and require a lot of responsibility during its operation, that is why such high requirements are being imposed on all the parts of the earthmover machines. And first of all, it concerns the loaders’ tyres. They have to be strong and reliable, but also should be wear-resistant as there are a lot of objects on the way which can cause the tyre damage: glass, metal, sharp stones, industrial garbage and waste.

Tyres for loaders have all the features and meet all the above mentioned requirements; they are resistant to all the obstacles on the site and quarry. Thanks to their most important characteristics: cut and wear resistance, loader tyres can run as well on the asphalt as on the more soft surfaces, such as sand, clay, mud, etc.

Even though the price of the tyres for loaders is higher than the price of the normal tyres, their purchase is worthwhile. The loader tyres can run many years as thanks to the correctly chosen pattern they provide the good traction with the road. As a result, the load on the casing decreases and the chance of the tyre deformation gets minimal.

The prices of the tyres for loaders can vary depending on the tyre brand, producer and the country of production. We highly recommend to pay an attention to the quality of the tyres for loaders you are going to purchase. The best quality tyres are Michelin, Bridgestone, Yokohama and GoodYear. While their production only the high quality rubber is being used, or, to be more exact:  the high percentage of natural rubber is being used and that is why these tyres are softer, stronger, provide more comfort while driving than the cheaper tyres which mostly content the synthetic rubber.

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