Yokohama OTR tyres

OTR tires Yokohama
OTR tires Yokohama
OTR tires Yokohama
OTR tires Yokohama
OTR tires Yokohama

Yokohama OTR tyre specialist

Discover the complete range of Yokohama Earthmover, Industrial and Handling Tires at "OTR-EM" company.

We use our 20 years of experience to help you find the right tire(s) for use in Surface Mines, Underground Mines, Quaries and Construction Sites, Industrial Handling and Ports & Terminals.

In our warehouse we have a complete range of Yokohama Tyres in stock. Our team of international experts can advise on the best OTR tyre for your application and working conditions and, when required, we even can mount the Yokohama Tyres on your machine (our mobile service trucks are always stand-by to provide the fitting of OTR tyres at your site).

OTR-EM company is proud to be the official distributor of Yokohama OTR tyres in Belgium and Luxembourg and has a big range of Yokohama and provide you with a wide range of services;

  • ✔ 10.000 OTR tyres in stock
  • ✔ We ship to 80+ Countries
  • ✔ 20.000 square meters of service center and warehousing
  • ✔ 20 specialists in the field of OTR Tyres
  • ✔ 2 hour service on site 
  • ✔ Situated close to the biggest mainports of Europe: Antwerp and Rotterdam


Yokohama OTR tyres are available for all kinds of equipment:

OTR tyres for loaders
OTR tyres for dozers
OTR tyres for rigid dumpers
OTR tyres for dump trucks
OTR tyres for tire rollers
OTR tyres for articulated dumpers
OTR tyres for straddle carriers
OTR tyres for mobile cranes
OTR tyres for graders
OTR tyres for compactors
OTR tyres for towing tractors
OTR tyres for scrapers

 Yokohama Off The Road tyres in stock:

The most common sizes and types of Yokohama Off The Road tyres are always available in our warehouse:

  • • 17.5R25
  • •20.5R25
  • •23.5R25
  • •26.5R25
  • •29.5R25
  • •385/95R25
  • •445/95R25
  • •24.00R35
  • •18.00-25
  • •18.00-33

Yokohama tyres commonly used models

  • • RB42: 18.00R33 ; 24.00R35 ; 27.00R49
  • • RL45: 26.5R25
  • • RL51: 23.5R25
  • • Y69 IND4 Deep Tread: Conatiner handlers, Forklifts, Log handlers, Towing tractors used at airport. Sizes of Yokoahama Y69 IND4 are 14.00-24 ; 18.00-25 ; 21.00-25 ; 18.00-33 ; 21.00-35
  • • RT41 E4/L4 designed for loaders and dozers and articulated dump trucks. 23.5R25 ; 26.5R25 ; 29.5R25
  • • RT31 E3/L3 for Articulated dump trucks & loaders. 20.5R25 ; 23.5R25 ; 26.5R25 ; 750/65R25
  • • Y523 IND-4 is suited for log stackers and log handlers. 16.00-25 ; 18.00-25 ; 18.00-33 ; 24.00-35 ; 27.00-49 ; 33.00-51 ; 36.00-51 ; 40.00-57 ;
  • • RL42 is designed for use by articulated dump trucks. 18.00R33 ; 24.00R35 ; 27.00R49
  • • RB41 E-4 specially designed for dump trucks. 14.00R25 ; 16.00R25
  • • RB31 E3/L3 for Articulated dump trucks, loaders & dozers. 17.5R25 ; 20.5R25 ; 23.5R25 ; 26.5R25 ; 29.5R25 ;
  • • RB03 designed for wheel cranes and All-terrain cranes. 385/95R25 170E ; 14.00R24***
  • • RB01 designed for use by wheel/all-terrain cranes. 385/95R25 170E ; 445/95R25 177E ; 505/95R25 183E ; 14.00R24 ***
  • • RL31 E3/L3 for Articulated dump trucks, loaders & dozers 17.5R25 ; 20.5R25 ; 23.5R25
  • About Yokohama

    Yokohama tyres have already been known for many decades outside Europe and have been fitted on many earthmoving machines in USA, Africa, Asia, Russia, Latin America, etc. They are known to be reliable, strong and a high quality product and are being fitted as the original equipment on various machines running in the construction sites, mines, quarries, recycling and industrial sites.

    Thanks to direct availability we can provide the best service: make an attractive offer and arrange the delivery.

    Download Yokohama  OTR tyres catalogue

    The Yokohama Rubber Company was established in Japan in 1917. After nearly 100 years in the industry, Yokohama knows its tyres!

    Yokohama Rubber Company is now the seventh-largest tyre manufacturer in the world, with 120 companies across the globe and over 20,000 employees. 

    In addition to making tyres for almost every aspect of the automotive industry, Yokohama's rubber polymer technology can be found in high-pressure hoses, sealants, adhesives, golf products, and aircraft products - even airline toilet facilities!. Yokohama has built its advanced technological capabilities over the years. Its off-the-road (OTR) tyres are high quality products manufactured in integrated production facilities with rigid quality control.

    Yokohama OTR tyre is at the cutting edge of tyre technology, and in recent years, to keep up with global demand, Yokohama has expanded its tyre plants in nations outside of Japan, such as China, Thailand, Brazil, India and Russia.

    Official distributor of Yokohama OTR tyres

    OTR-EM is proud to be the official distributor of Yokohama OTR tyres in Belgium and Luxembourg. At our warehouse in Belgium of totally 20.000 sq. meters we always keep a wide range of Yokohama OTR tyres in order to provide the best and the quickest service to our clients. If you need the reliable high quality OTR tyres at a competitive price please feel free to contact us.

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