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Are you looking for tires for a grader, wheel loader, scraper, dumper, underground machine or mobile crane for a competitive price? OTREM is the specialist in earth-moving tires, but also in industrial and forklift tires.

But we deliver more than just tires. You have also come to the right place for specialist knowledge about deployment and tires. Fast delivery is no problem thanks to our large delivery network. And that for competitive prices. Barkley distinguishes itself by quality and price. For earthmoving we supply a wide range of tires in various sizes and profiles. Exactly what you are looking for for your earth-moving machine!

Barkley tires are strong, durable and comfortable and can therefore absorb the shocks of the road surface well. These features include our Barkley radial and diagonal OTR tires, in which OTREM offers a wide range. Rely on Barkley's good quality, they are highly efficient, cheap and break-in resistant. Barkley tires have a high efficiency and therefore enormously cost effective.


Het deskundig team van OTREM voorziet u in advies over de beste band voor uw gebruiks-/ werkomstandigheden aan de scherpste prijs. Uit voorraad zijn meer dan duizenden banden leverbaar, dit samen maakt een snelle en efficiënte service mogelijk, wat betekent dat de stilstand van uw machine tot een minimum beperkt kan worden. Wilt u meer weten over onze service of ons assortiment?

Neem contact op met één van onze deskundige specialisten, en u krijgt persoonlijk advies op maat.