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Industrial, Earthmoving and Forklift tires

Continental is a leading and world famous German brand of car tires, earthmoving and industrial tires, but also forklift tires. German technology and “Gründlichkeit” are legendary.

Before a Continental innovation goes into production such as: Earthmoving, Industrial and forklift tires. Are these tires tested, this is done under all kinds of conditions of use, weather but also road conditions, using the most modern test methods and measurement technology

Continental has 3 different models:
Pneumatic tires
MPT tires
Solid rubber tires
The different types of industrial tires are explained here:

Pneumatic tires
Pneumatic tires: A pneumatic tire is an inflatable cover for the rim of a wheel. The wheels are usually made of rubber and may or may not be fitted with a valve.

MPT tires
MPT tires: "Multi Purpose tires" are ideal because of their design for vehicles that need high road speeds and good off-road traction.

Full rubber tires
Solid rubber tires: The profile of solid rubber tires is resistant to impacts and abrasive surfaces due to a high concentration of natural caoutchouc (natural rubber) in the tire.

Forklifts, tractors, terminal vehicles, conveyer belts, ... all rolling stock within your company needs specific and properly equipped tires to guarantee productivity (super-elastic solid tires, non-marking tires, solid tires, pneumatic tires, solid rubber earth-moving tires, ...) . Continental is widely known for their wide range of premium products.​​​​​​

As The Tire Specialist, OTREM has a wide range of tires for lift trucks and all industrial vehicles, from Reach Stacker to Straddle Carriers. With our many years of experience, we ensure that you find the right kind of tire for all your heavy vehicles with us.
That is why you will find a wide range of Continental solid rubber and pneumatic tires for lift trucks in our offer. With Continental forklift tires you save a lot on maintenance costs in the long term. The tires are very durable and cannot be punctured

Assembly and Service
In addition to offering Assembly, you also benefit from excellent service at OTREM. We are happy to help you find the best tires. We offer our service both in our own workshops and on location. We also vulcanize and repair the tires in our own workshop
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