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Continental industrial tyres


Continental not only focuses on car tyres, but also has high-quality tyres for industrial applications. In the category of industrial tyres, Continental has three different models:

  • -  Pneumatic tyres
  • -  MPTs
  • -  Solid rubber tyres

The different types of industrial tyres are explained here:

Pneumatic tyres

Pneumatic tyres: A pneumatic tyre consists of an inflatable casing on the rim of a wheel. The wheels are usually made of rubber and may or may not be fitted with a valve.


MPTs: Multi-purpose tyres are ideal because they are designed for vehicles that need to travel on the road at high speeds and have good off-road traction.

Solid rubber tyres

Solid rubber tyres: The tread of solid rubber tyres is resistant to punctures and abrasive surfaces due to a high concentration of natural caoutchouc (natural rubber) in the tyre.

Innovation with CSEasy

Continental has also introduced several innovations on the market. For example, no press is needed to mount Continental's new CSEasy.

Advantages of mounting with CSEasy:

  • More flexibility
  • Higher performance
  • Enhanced level of safety
  • Greater efficiency

Buying Continental tyres

Since its inception in 2000, OTREM has expanded to become the leading specialist in Continental industrial tyres far beyond Europe:

✔ A large selection of Continental industrial tyres
✔ Tyres available for delivery from stock
✔ Fast delivery
✔ Repair of tyres and rims, vulcanisation
✔ Complete tyre management

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