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Choosing the right Michelin Earthmover tyre

The choice of a earthmover tyre must be compliant with legislation and with equipment recmmended by the vehicle or earthmover tyre manufacturer or by an official organisation (size, load and speed indices, tyre structure, etc)

Moreover, it is necessary to take account of the conditions in which the earthmover tyre will be used in order for its performance to meet the user expectations. 

The type of tread pattern depends mainly on conditions of use: adherence, risk of cuts, rapid wear. The optimum performance of equipment depends lagerly on the choice of earthmover tyre. 

A tread pattern inappropriate for the work leads to a sharp reduction in the earthmover tyres life. 

Choose your earthmover tyres carefully

Choosing the right MICHELIN Earthmover tyre is essential to ensure that its performance is optimised. 

Michelin Classifications of Use

Michelin classification defines 4 types of use. The classification of its use is indicated on the tyre sidewall.

  • C : Compactor
  • G : Grader
  • E : Earthmoving
  • L : Loader and bulldozer
Grondverzetbanden Michelin
Michelin grondverzet banden Komatsu

Michelin choosing the type of tread pattern

There are different depths and shapes of tread pattern. The choice of the type of tread pattern depends mainly on the surfaces or haul roads encountered: grip, risks of cuts, rapid wear. The optimum performance of the machine depends to a large extent on the choice of earthmover tyre. 

  • 1 : Ribbed (normal tread depth)
  • 2 : Traction (normal tread depth)
  • 3 : Normal (normal tread depth)
  • 4 : Deep : (deep tread)
  • 5 : Very deep (very deep tread)
  • 7 : Flotation (normal tread)

The working capacity of earthmover tyres

To select the right earthmover tyre, you need to know your TKPH. The TKPH (Tonne Kilometers per Hour) or TMPH (Tonne Miles per Hour) is in effect an essential characteristic of the working capacity of your earthmover tyres. For the same earthmover tyre size and tread pattern, there may be several types of rubber, each one associated with a different TKPH.

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