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OTR Tires – 5 signs of high quality products

Nowadays there are plenty of OTR tires represented in the market. But not all of them are the quality products. In order to purchase the qualitative one you should pay an attention to the following points:    

  1. Pattern. It guarantees the good grip on the road and durability. OTR tires with an asymmetric pattern mostly have the good performance. Pay an attention to the tire tread depth, the deeper it is, the better. This would help to make the handling process of the machine easier.   

  2. Type and size. You should take into account the recommendations of your vehicle producer. Before the purchase make sure you make the right choice and all technical recommendations have been followed. Otherwise you can ask your tire dealer for a professional advice.

  3. Material.  According to all standards the higher percentage of the natural rubber in the tire is the better its performance. It’s up to natural rubber to guarantee the elasticity and strength of the tires.

  4. Brand. The best choice would be an A-brand that has already proved its quality in the field of OTR tires, for example: Yokohama, Michelin, Bridgestone, GoodYear.

  5. Tread depth of the used OTR tires. If you want to save some money and purchase the used OTR tires, pay an attention to the rest tread depth of the pattern and also inspect the tire, there shouldn’t be any damages, few cosmetic damages won’t do any harm.  

You should also know that there are tube and tubeless types of industrial tires. First ones are better resistant to deformations and can stand well different temperatures. Second ones are lighter and safer. Also, there are radial tires – they are more long lasting due to the higher level of hardness, bias – with steel protected side wall can better resist to the powerful punches.  

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