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SG Revolution solid rubber tyres

The solid rubber tyres of SG Revolution were created for various operating conditions and are therefore a very common choice for users who are employed in the waste, demolition and recycling sectors. The risk of damage is very high in these sectors. SG Revolution consistently ensures a greater service life for the tread on pneumatic tyres.

Some advantages of the SG Revolution solid rubber tyre:

  • - The trace layer is very strong and resistant to sharp/hard objects.
  • - The side has an additional protective layer.
  • - High stability of machinery, so no difference in pressure can occur in the tyres.
  • - With solid rubber tyres, there are never any punctures and hence there is no machinery downtime.

Solid rubber tyres therefore guarantee a longer service life and no machinery downtime.

Specialist in solid rubber tyres

Since its inception in 2000, OTR-EM has expanded to become the leading specialist in solid rubber tyres far beyond Europe:

✔ A large selection of SG Revolution solid rubber tyres

✔ Tyres available for delivery from stock

✔ Fast delivery

✔ Repair of tyres and rims, vulcanisation

✔ Complete tyre management

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SG Revolution solid rubber tyres are available at OTR-EM. We will gladly provide you with personal advice and help you choose the best tyres. For more information and prices, you can always contact us:

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