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Solideal solid rubber tyres

Since its inception in 2000, OTREM has expanded to become the leading specialist in Solideal solider rubber tyres far beyond Europe:

✔ A large selection of Solideal solid rubber tyres
✔ Tyres available for delivery from stock
✔ Fast delivery
✔ Repair of tyres and rims, vulcanisation
✔ Complete tyre management

Philosophy of Solideal

Solideal is a company that makes use of its full capacity in terms of experience, technical experience and innovation skills. It is also for this reason that Solideal only delivers products with a high level of performance, unparalleled quality and value. Solideal solid rubber tyres therefore have entirely the same characteristics as listed above.

What is the advantage of solid rubber earthmoving tyres? Solid rubber tyres have the great advantage that punctures are not possible. This is clearly very positive: it lowers the cost of tyres and prevents machinery downtime.

Discover Solideal's solid rubber earthmoving tyres and experience their advantages.

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