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Tyres for Scrapers

Scrapers are large earth-moving machines generally utilized in mining operations, but can be utilized in many construction situations (see picture left). It is best to use scrapers for short hauls, and when the cut and fill areas are large enough to accommodate the scraper, as the length of the machine is considerable.

Scrapers work by driving on top of the site that needs to be dug. A large receptacle on the rear of the machine, known as the bowl, is lowered into the ground hydraulically. As the scraper is driven forward, the bowl becomes filled with soil. The bowl’s capacity can range from between 10 to 44 cubic yards (8-34 cubic meters). Once full, the bowl closes and the load can be moved safely to the dump site.

Properties of Scrapers

Scraper tires, of which the wide base type is most common, should have the same properties as those for dump trucks, that is high heat and wear resistance. Superior flotation and traction are also occasionally required. 

TRA classification of tires for scrapers

The TRA classification for Off-The-Road scraper tyres is listed below:

  • E-2
  • E-3
  • E-4
  • E-7

Many tire manufacturers produce OTR tires for scrapers. They produce radial and bias OTR tires with many different tread patterns depending on the operating environment. Scraper tires and used scraper tires are a very important part of our business. OTREM (Tire) is the industry leader in both scraper tires and used scraper tires in Belgium, Europe and has a full selection in stock and ready to ship worldwide form the mainports of Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Our highly experienced staff is on call to assist you in locating and shipping any of our scraper tires directly to you. With around 3000 different OTR tires, if for some reason we don’t have your exact scraper tires in stock, we can find and get them quickly, easily, and affordably. Contact us and get a quote

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Besides individual sales of new and second-hand earthmoving tyres, you can also rely on us for personalised advice, mounting if desired, demounting, restoration, renewal and replacement of tyres and rims.

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