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Tires for straddle carriers

Straddle carriers are special vehicles that are mainly used at seaport areas to carry ocean-going freight containers. These tires require extra heavy-duty performance, and wear and heat resistance, because straddle carriers operate continuously and turn frequently.

TRA Classification of tires for straddle carriers

TRA codes of tires for straddle carriers are the following:

  • IND-3
  • IND-4

The most common sizes of straddle carrier tires are 18.00-25 and 18.00-33.

Yokohama's most common types used in the harbors are Y-69 and Y-523.

Straddle carries are definitely the most important vehicles in the port operation. These are specialized eight–wheeled moving machines equipped with four steering axles. Constantly starting and stopping, these herculean machines can lift up to 100 tons and must be able to operate reliably in the most extreme weather conditions found at ports the world over.

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