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Towing tractors are used to move large aircraft. Thus, these tires mainly require extra traction

Yokohama Y-573 is designed specially for towing tractors with regroovable tread and use on airports.We have this tire for airport towing tractor in stock for immediate shipment (worldwide) + full warranty.

TRA Code of tires for towing tractors:


IND-4 Smooth Deep Tread. For use on Straddle Carriers.

Yokohama Y69 is suited for vehicles such as straddle carriers for container handling and towing tractors used at airports. This tire has a large tread width and ground contact area for good traction on paved ground surfaces. 

C-1 Smooth. For use on Tire Rollers. Specially designed for tire roller use. Rubber compound used provides good resistance to oily chemicals such as coal tar. Produces highly uniform rolling pressure.

L-4S. Forklifts and straddle carriers. For use on industrial vehicles including forklifts and straddle carriers.

  • Extra-deep tread and reinforced sidewalls offer superior resistance to damage and wear

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