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LEAO is a strong tire brand and guarantees a low price, top quality and 100% reliability.

LEAO tires are very economical to use and perfectly meet the requirements and wishes of any type of road user. Earth-moving tires LEAO prove their value time and time again on all types of surfaces and in all weather conditions.

Earth moving tires LEAO are now internationally recognized as one of the most budget-friendly quality tires.

The prices may be low, but that certainly does not apply to the quality of the tires!

The lion in the logo shows exactly what it is all about: the excellent, almost "royal" possibilities of the LEAO band.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the best advice!


A guaranteed low price
Very economic performance
Reliable and proven quality
Suitable for all surfaces and all weather types
LEAO carcasses are suitable for renewal

You can contact us for any type of tire and / or rim and any brand.

The quality tires from LEAO can also be found at OTREM! OTREM is an official dealer of LEAO earthmoving tires.

Since we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect tire for your working conditions, we help you! You just need to contact us. We will then work with you to find the perfect tire for you. You will always be given some proposals from which you can make your own choice.

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