29.5R25 MICHELIN XADN E3T** 200B
29.5R25 MICHELIN XADN E3T** 200B

band 29.5R25 MICHELIN XADN E3T** 200E

USE: Articulated dumpers
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  • Product id: 29.5R25 MICHELIN XADN E3T** 200B
  • Brand: MICHELIN
  • Tipo: XADN
  • Tamaño: 29.5R25
  • Inch: 25"
  • Breedte: 29.5
  • Radiaal/diagonaal: radial
  • Load & speed index: 200
  • Speed index: E
  • TL/TT: TL
  • Run flat: ✓
  • TRA code: E3
  • Pofile depth: 44 mm
  • Rim: 25.00/3.5
  • Diameter: 1850 mm
  • Star mark: **
  • Ancho: 743 mm
  • Peso: 560 kg
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29.5R25 MICHELIN XADN E3T** 200B
A multi-block tread pattern with multi-edged blocks and a shoulder built up of alternating blocks provides very good flotation and excellent traction on yielding terrain. A protective band placed on the junction of the sidewall and tread gives excellent protection against accidental damage. A very aggressive multi-block self cleaning tread pattern with alternating blocks on the shoulders gives exceptional adhesion on soft and/or muddy soils.