225/75-15 (28x9-15) (8.15-15) BARUM ROBUST
225/75-15 (28x9-15) (8.15-15) BARUM ROBUST

225/75-15 (28x9-15) (8.15-15) BARUM ROBUST

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  • Product id: 225/75-15 (28x9-15) (8.15-15) BARUM ROBUST
  • Brand: BARUM
  • Formaat: 225/75-15 (28x9-15) (8.15-15)
  • Inch: 15"
  • Radiaal/diagonaal: solid
  • Rim: 7.00-15
  • Rim type: S
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225/75-15 (28x9-15) (8.15-15) BARUM ROBUST

Best for your budget.
The new solid tyre for forklift trucks and industrial vehicles.

Introducing the new solid industrial tyre from Barum. The Barum INDUSTRY has best-in-class performance for general use on forklifts and other industrial vehicles. And because it is a solid tyre, it´s damage resistant and maintenance-free.

The Barum INDUSTRY Super Elastic Tyre also offers:

  • Thick sidewall layer protects the tyre construction and offers additional impact resistance for demanding applications
  • Central tread rib improves straightline stability and steering response
  • Offset tread pattern provides a smooth ride and even wear